Conceptualizing Tuscarora?

Blog set up: Based on my personal experiences within the my Tuscarora community and my current work at school, I am attempting to rethink or reimagine the placement of language and culture as compartmentalized structures within the academy.

Back ground picture: taken on the Tuscarora Nation which resides within the political borders of the United States. This is my backyard and is the current place where I rethink and reconstruct my Tuscarora identity.

National Museum of the American Indian

Header Image: Adapted from the work of Jolene Rickard’s permanent exhibit: Our Lives, at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C. 2004-present. Jolene Rickard is a Tuscarora artist and is also my mother. Her work has not only influenced my scholarship, but continues to shape the discourse of indigenous identities and political spaces at large. This image was recently used (September 2011) on the poster for the NMAI panel discussion on Blood Quantum.

Blog Title: I have recently changed the title of my blog to Conceptualizing Tuscarora, to represent my ongoing process of “thinking in Tuscarora”. Culture is fluid and always moving, this blog is my attempt to discuss the movement of the Tuscarora language onto the internet and to explore other language revitalization programs that are making similar movements.


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  1. Jake says:

    I’ve seen that exhibit in NMAI, its pretty cool and really people should check out NMAI in general if they haven’t lots of cool stuff there.

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